The American Transcription Association

American Transcription Association

The rise of the Information Age has radically changed the way most Americans do business. The transcription industry is no exception. In some ways it has made it easier to serve our clients, but in other ways it has made it much more complicated.

Today technology also offers a great opportunity for transcriptionists to connect with each other. Many of us work by ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we have to work alone. By forming a trade association, we can give support to each other and become part of something bigger. We can also enjoy financial benefits like group discounts on products and services.

The ATA’s goal is to:

  • Provide U.S.-based transcriptionists with a strong and vibrant trade association
  • Create an association that represents the interests of U.S.transcriptionists and transcription companies
  • Support transcriptionists in various ways including providing vendor discounts and in-store discounts, setting up preferred ATA member insurance rate plans, and other benefits

Like all great organizations, our best ideas come from within. Have an opinion or a great idea to help us make our industry stronger? Make your voice heard! Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant transcription industry.

Find out where the ATA stands on offshoring transcription work. Go to the ATA Open Letter on Offshoring to read more.

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