The American Transcription Association

American Transcription Association

The American Transcription Association is not accepting active memberships at this time.

However, the spirit of the ATA lives on. We still believe that transcription jobs should remain in the U.S., particularly those in the medical transcription field where privacy is a very real concern. Aside from anything else, sending PHI and other personal information overseas opens individuals and organizations up to information theft and blackmail, as we have seen on numerous occasions. We believe it’s vitally important to keep this information within the United States where our laws and protections apply.

There are still things you can do to promote this ideal:

  • Start asking questions of all your medical, legal, and financial providers at your hospitals, clinics, attorney’s offices, and financial brokers, and let them know you want your records kept in the United States at all times.
  • Write your Senators and Congressmen. Tell them you do not want any of your private, medical, legal, or financial information forwarded via the Internet to any service provider outside the United States of America.
  • Make sure you let your medical, financial, and legal providers know you do not want your records offshored. Ask them to ensure that any transcriptionists or companies they work with also do not offshore.
  • Get informed by reading the links below and conducting your own Internet search.


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