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The ATA: We're Here for You.The transcription industry is changing. New technology continues to revolutionize the way we do our job, while offshoring – the act of sending sensitive medical files to foreign countries for transcription – presents us with many challenges. In an industry made up largely of small companies and independent transcriptionists, this can be overwhelming for the average transcriptionist just trying to make a living.

That’s why the American Transcription Association is here to help. The ATA provides leadership, guidance, and support for U.S.-based transcriptionists and transcription companies. Our goal is to foster a strong domestic transcription industry to keep jobs in the United States.

We believe that we can do that together. As technology changes, we can help you change. As offshoring becomes a more dominant problem, we act as both an advocate for your job and an educator to the general public so that the average person understands what sending their personal information overseas really means.

The ATA also offers special discounts to our members through vendors and our own ATA store. And don’t forget to read our monthly newsletter for transcription tips and news.

If you have any questions as you are browsing through the website, please contact us – we’d be happy to help!